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Style Advice

Ann Arundell has been a fashion designer for over 30 years and has produced collections which have sold in over 50 designer boutiques across the world. Ann has collaborated with and designed collections for leading fashion houses such as Burberry, Pringle and Red or Dead.

Ann is passionate about providing guidance and support to people about their style and image. Ann’s engaging style and personable nature allows people to feel comfortable around her which importantly allows them to get the best advice and feel happy about the way they dress and look. Ann Arundell is now able to offer people private online consultations in their own home via the use of online media. This is a quick and great way of benefiting from an experienced designer who will provide that important personal touch. A personal consultation with Ann will help you understand:

  • The colours and cuts of clothes that flatter you personally
  • What clothes work for you, and what clothes don’t
  • How to gain the confidence to make changes
  • How to save money by buying the best shades that allows you to blend together your wardrobe

If you are interested in receiving a personal consultation from Ann, please complete the simple online form below:


Ann Arundell is able to attend personal appointments on request. Please contact us to discuss this service.

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