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Ann Arundell Designer Knitwear

Add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe...

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Friends at the Beach
Urban Fashion
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Dressed in White

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About Ann Arundell Designer Knitwear

Discover unique handmade designs, crafted with care and attention to detail. Add a very special addition to your wardrobe.

Ann Arundell Knitwear is the ultimate choice for those who demand the best. With over 40 years of experience, this brand has perfected the art of creating unique and stylish knitwear garments that are sure to impress for any occassion. Each piece is crafted by hand using only the finest, most luxurious materials, ensuring that your knitwear will stand the test of time and remain fashionable through the various fashion trends.


Located in Yorkshire, UK, an area with a rich history in the textile industry, Ann Arundell Knitwear is one of the few clothing producers that still employs traditional, handmade methods. Choose Ann Arundell Knitwear design and experience the ultimate in quality and style.

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